Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's a National Almond Day Miracle!

Two days ago I ran down the stairs yelling to the Boyfriend that it was a Christmas miracle. A Christmas miracle, Boyfriend! After asking for explanation, the Boyfriend informed me that onion seeds sprouting on February 16 was neither a miracle nor in any way related to Christmas. Always the pragmatist he is. So I've revised my statement, but I'm sticking with miracle.

Yeah, I get it. Seeds are supposed to sprout and do every day. But my seeds don't! At least not in a regular and predictable manner. And . . . here's the real miracle of it--the seed package said the seeds would germinate in 7 to 14 days. Well, my seeds just so happened to sprout in 3 days! My black thumb is fading to green as we speak. I don't know what the future holds for these little onion babies--I've read I should have planted onion sets, rather than seeds--but it can't hurt that they're off to a good start!

These seeds were the first ones I have ever started in one of those little windowsill greenhouses with the expanding peat pellets. I'm a big fan now. In fact, I'll probably start some peppers in them today. Adding water to the pellets reminded me of those expanding sponges when I was a kid: place dinosaur egg in water, let sit, find dinosaur upon return. This time, I added water, two tiny seeds, and found onions upon return--the adult version is just as much fun, and I love that the tiny little greenhouse already smells of sweet onions. I can taste them already . . . Ok, maybe not. That will be the real miracle.

In other sprouting news . . . when I got home from work yesterday the Boyfriend had a picture on his phone of a little sprout that he found in the cold frame. He said there are probably 5 or 6 sprouts. I went out there this morning but didn't want to open up the cold frame just yet--it's chilly this morning and it looked so nice and warm and humid in there. In any case, I don't know if it's the lettuces or radish that sprouted, but either way I'm excited that it wasn't too cold for something to germinate out there.

In bulb news, the tulips and irises have broken the surface but have yet to commit to flourishing in the late winter weather. Like most of us, they're holding out for spring. However, the garlic seems more ambitious and has really started growing in the last couple weeks--which corresponds to some warmer weather and a good layer of compost mulch around them when I was adding it to the raised beds. Notice the paw prints that seem to have narrowly missed crushing the little green shoots towards the back. Thank you, dogs, for your strategic and considerate trespassing.

Green things are happening, and for me, that's still a miracle.

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