Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gardening Day 1

Yesterday was a big day. I put my first seeds in the ground. Yes, outside in the ground. I've read more about gardening this winter than ever before, I've gone to classes, and I've asked for lots of advice. But at some point I had to actually start doing. I realize it may be way too early, but the one thing I've taken away from people and classes and books is that it's all one giant experiment. So I have a journal to mark down my activities and a table to keep track of seeds and planting dates and all that. I realize this year is going to be more of an experiment than most, but that is part of why I'm so excited. I'm figuring out what will work in our area and at what times. If a few vegetables make it to our table I'll be thrilled.

Lest you think I'm crazy, I should at least defend myself by saying that I planted cold crops--just lettuce (3 kinds) and radishes--and I planted them in the raised bed within the Boyfriend's masterfully built cold frame. Plus, it's been so mild how could I resist? The next week is supposed to be solidly in the 50s and hopefully when it cools down the cold frame will do its job and my little lettuces will be flourishing! Yesterday, however, was not in the 50s. Although the Weather Channel tells me it was mid-40s, it was blustery and cold. I include this picture of me on Gardening Day 1 because I think I'll look back in August and laugh at the various layers. It's also a testament to my zeal for gardening this year, however. In years past, I, like other people, thought about gardening on that first 60-degree day when the sun was flooding the earth with vitamin D and rousing people out of their winter blahs. This year, however, as you can see from the picture, I'm hard core!

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