Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Not-so-rush Hour

Yesterday I experienced my first ever pleasant bike ride to work. I biked to an old job a few times from the Mini, but it was a chore—never something I looked forward to. The route took me along some of Boise's least bike-friendly streets and left me white knuckled and stressed by the time I got to work.

Biking from the new house to the new job is a whole different story. Although the Boyfriend assures me the distance is about the same as that old ride, 95% of it is along Boise's Greenbelt, which is yet another part of this city that makes it so wonderful. I won't pretend that the Greenbelt doesn't have its frustrations. Any Boisean will tell you it can be a bit of a bumpy ride. But there are no stop lights, no diesel trucks blowing fumes into your lungs, and no drowsy motorists completely unaware of their surroundings. There are geese, which I'm convinced are quite vicious, but no close calls to report yet.

So yesterday morning, after a practice ride last weekend, the Boyfriend and I set out on our two-wheeled morning commute. There couldn't be a nicer way to start the day. It was chilly yesterday morning, but once we got pedaling I felt great. After a short stretch on the streets, we were on to the Greenbelt. The birds were chirping and the churning, near-flood-stage river was amazing. The air smelled so crisp and clean—it was a better wake-up than a triple latte and the Boyfriend's damn rooster alarm clock. Perhaps the best part was that the Boyfriend slowed down and rode with me. By 8 o'clock yesterday, we had exercised, enjoyed the outdoors, and spent a relaxing half hour or so chatting about the river, the general demeanor of cyclists (much friendlier in the morning, by the way), and how out of shape I am.

It was a perfect morning—one of those mornings that reaffirms that it really is the little things—bike rides, time with the Boyfriend, clean air and rushing rivers—that make us the happiest. It was also one of those mornings that reinforces to me how much I love this place.

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