Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime at Big Red

After a week that people insisted on calling Spring Break--although the Boyfriend and I saw neither spring nor break--the long-awaited season finally arrived. Bulbs are blooming, seeds are sprouting, and plants that have been threatening to take over the Boyfriend's office are even getting moved outside.

One of our first tasks was figuring out the world of lawn care. The homeowners' association still took care of our yard last year, so this is a new adventure for us. We bought a lawnmower and trimmer a couple weeks ago and the Boyfriend seems to enjoy mowing the lawn. We got a reel mower--no power attached to that bad boy except the Boyfriend's biking-enhanced quads. I love the whirring it makes as he pushes it along in nice straight lines in the backyard. I put down lawn food in the backyard in what turned out to be a comical undertaking I'm thankful no one witnessed. I was worried the lawn food wouldn't cover the whole backyard. Once I figured out the spreader shoots the food further the faster you push it, I started frantically running around with the spreader trying to make sure I got the whole yard. Then I still had extra (which I shouldn't have), so I just ran around in circles.

The garden is really coming along. We harvested lettuce about 10 days ago and it needs to be harvest again. The peas are up, the garlic is tall, a new succession of lettuce has sprouted, carrots have sprouted, and the Boyfriend planted some broccoli. Even the lackluster spinach and onions from seed are hanging in there.

Mom and I bought some flowers at fuchsia Saturday last weekend, although neither of us got fuchsias. They did great at the Mini, but I don't really have a nice shady place for them here. But we got geraniums and vines and trailing little petunias. I've got them in hanging pots and haven't quite committed to hanging them up yet, since I know the frost probably hasn't left us for good.

The front of the house looks beautiful. The Boyfriend has spent portions of about five weekends spreading fresh bark in all our beds. The tulips are booming, along with the crocus, some mini daffodils, and I think some regular daffodils, although I've yet to make a final call on those mystery bulbs yet. Our clematis is shooting upwards and we even bought it a new trellis this weekend. The strawberry and raspberry plants are green and full and seem to be loving their "berry patch" portion of the backyard.

Last weekend I looked out my office window and I saw the Boyfriend mowing the lawn in his cowboy hat. I realized this place has really become our home and there is no place else I'd rather be.

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