Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy New Year!

So the holidays have come and gone, and my head might still be spinning from the 6 weeks or so between Thanksgiving and New Years. In other years I might have complained that I was so busy with work during the holidays, but this year I would be a fool to even consider it. However, I'm enjoying the general slow down that comes after ringing in the new year, watching the last bowl game, and eating the last of the sweets that have transformed me into a manic, headache-riddled, sugar addict. The produce section and I are looking forward to getting reacquainted.

I always look forward to the new year, but perhaps never as much as this year. I'm looking forward to so many knowns and am positive that the unknowns will hold even more excitement. I can't wait to spend a whole calendar year and four seasons in the new house. The Boyfriend has a great idea for a little mini greenhouse for us to start some seeds in and I just ordered my seed catalog online this week. I have this theory that once the new year comes, spring is just right around the corner. This little belief of mine is probably what makes the actual coming of spring seem so long and what makes me start planting things in March way before it makes any logical sense to do so. Hey, I have lots of friends in the plant industry who depend on people like me to do stupid things like that. These same people buy me beers every once in a while, so really, the money comes right back to me, right? In any case, I'll be looking forward to spring every day from now until the first crocus appears. Shoot, I didn't get my crocus planted. Ugh.

The new year also brings the promise of the regular semi-resolutions: eating healthier, being more active, calling my friends more, staying more organized, etc. We'll see how it goes. My progress so far has amounted to buying a file cabinet and going to the gym. I guess I'm easing into it. Oh yeah, I ate a salad the other day too. We're also hoping to plan a couple trips this year, perhaps to Tucson for the Tour de Tucson bike race and Washington DC for the Boise State vs. Virginia Tech football game. Now that I think about it, saving money should probably be in the resolutions too. I'm also hoping to do a lot more writing in 2010, both here and elsewhere. Here's to hoping the world will be as supportive of my writing as the friends and family that stop by here every once in a while!

Besides the big things, here are a few other mini-resolutions for 2010:
  • send cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and no reason at all (Note to self: This is largely dependent on being more organized--yikes.)
  • hand write letters, because I think my hand writing is regressing to post-elementary school levels
  • return library books on time, because I hate having to wait for something I really want on the waiting list
  • deal with the mail every day, instead of stacking it nicely in an ever-growing pile
  • print out pictures, because if my hard drive crashes I'll have no life history
  • try to hate doing laundry less

Ugh, I'm getting overwhelmed, so we'll just stop there for now.

Here's to 2010 and great possibilities.

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